No Limits

Vocal Group

About Us

No Limits is a six part mixed (male and female) South African vocal group. It was formed in Soweto, at the dawn of the country‚Äôs new democracy, in 1995. As an ensemble, and through our vocal musical expressions, we are a functional unit through which the No Limits Foundation serves and enriches cultural, intellectual and spiritual interests of global communities, wherever our music can reach. 

What we do:

The repertoire of the group entails a wide variety of original and arranged songs in the style of music that infuses classical to jazz influences, embedded with African nuances and rhythms. While our music is primarily a cappella and embraces a diversity of influences, our lyrical content has often been grounded in the gospel and inspirational realm.

What we have done:

Since inception, No Limits has recorded and released at least seven albums. Over the years, we have collaborated with a range of local and international artists through live performances and studio recordings, since 1998. We have traveled and performed extensively in Southern Africa, the United Kingdom and briefly visited the United States of America for a conference. As No Limits, we have been prompted to work mostly independent of mainstream platforms. Inspired by our commitment and passion, we have, since, navigated the complexities of the music industry leveraging on the social and cultural value of our music. With the advent of social media and other online digital platforms, we have gained direct access to current and potential audiences, as market barriers continue to fall, due to these technological developments and opportunities. 

Where we are going:

We are continuously growing our portfolio and catalogue of music, and multi-media recordings, that capture contemporary African social and cultural ideals, while exploring and expanding the creative scope of a cappella musical expressions. We also aim to relentlessly invest our creative resources in availing our music, through recordings and live performances, to audiences that appreciate the art of vocal music, inspirational lyrical content and contemporary African cultures, everywhere around the globe.

No Limits, awakening the soul to soar further and higher!

The Finest Way


01 Open Hands
02 Flat Tyre
03 Do Right
04 Remarkable Life
05 My Friend
06 Joy Bells
07 Thokoza
08 Season for Everything
09 I've Got Joy
10 Haufinyana
11 Are You Okay? Cool!
12 Exercise Your Mind
13 Langa Lomphefumlo Wami (Sun of My Soul)

Whispers of Love


01 Hamba Vangeli (Spread the Good News)
02 Whispers of Love
03 Abantwana (When He Cometh)
04 Linda (Wait and Murmer Not)
05 Woza Nawe (Come, Let's Follow Jesus)
06 Shumayela (Testify)
07 When We All Get to Heaven
08 Raindrops
09 Amagagasi (Who, Who Are These?)
10 Trust and Obey
11 Little David
12 Shout Victory
13 Icilongo
14 Thokoza

Keep Your Head Up High


01 Kunjani (How Beautiful is it Over There?)
02 He Made
03 Isinkwa Sokuphila (The Bread of Life)
04 It is Well
05 Something Has Caught My Eyes
06 There's a Land
07 The Name of Jesus
08 If We Ever
09 How Big is God
10 So 'Phumula (We'll Tarry By the Living Waters)
11 Beautiful Words
12 Wonderful to Me
13 Go Tla Siama (It Will Be Okay)

Dare to Dream


01 Coming Again
02 Working in the Fields
03 Yek' is'Hlobo (What a Friend We Have in Jesus)
04 Mhlobo Wami (My Friend)
05 In My Dreams
06 Puleng (I've Searched for You)
07 Shed Your Light
08 Dumisa Yena (Praise Him)
09 As Long as We Stand Together (and Rise Above AIDS)
10 In a Little While
11 Nako e Sile (Time is Short)
12 Sing Unto the Lord
13 Sheba o Bone (Look and See)
14 Just to Know You Are Here
15 Akekho Ofana Nawe (There's No One Like You)
16 The Lord My Provider

Beyond Measure


01 Perfect Redeemer
02 Bayethe
03 Phumula Mphefumlo Wam' (Rest, My Soul)
04 Ngoba Wena Umuhle (For You Are Beautiful)
05 We Believe
06 Long as I Live
07 O Mpone Ke Le Hole (You Saw Me Afar)
08 Vana Mayi (The World Hastens to the End)
09 I Wanna Know (Interlude)
10 Jesus is a Rock
11 Eya Tsholoha (It's Running Over)
12 Seeing Jesus 

New Heights


01 Summertime is Here
02 uBukhulu Bakho (How Great You Are)
03 Now I Belong
04 All the Way
05 Seasons For Everything
06 uYez' uMsindisi (The Saviour is Coming)
07 I'm Pressing on the Upward Way
08 Why. Oh Why?
09 Into Your Heart
10 Ke Mohlolo (A Wonder)
11 They Come From the East and West
12 A Matter of Time
13 Bolela Jeso (Tell Jesus) 

Take Heart


Take Heart (Single)

Always with You


01 He Loves Me
02 A Better Day
03 Lekunutung (A Solitery Place)
04 Power of You
05 Awuluhle (Oh Happy Day)
06 Always and Forever
07 Rato La Hao (Your Love)
08 I Look to the One
09 Kumnandi Ngemphela (It is Really Good)
10 Worth Giving Your Everything
11 Farther Along
12 Lizalis' Idinga LaKho (Keep Your People)